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Are you looking to start, build or grow your Africa Trade or Investment business/project? This platform was created to help you access the information, knowledge, expertise and global network you need to become more successful and to shorten how long it would take you to achieve your aim. You can join either as a subscribed member to access our full package of resources or choose your immediate training/event/research needs. We help you to connect, learn, grow, collaborate, partner and stay ahead on Africa Trade and Investment matters.

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Nazaru is the Founder and Convener of the acclaimed Trade with Africa Business Summit (TWA Summit), The #AfCFTA Roundtable, The Nigeria Investment Conference and other strategic investment engagements. 

We serve as partners of the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank) in promoting and advancing the Intra-African Trade Fair (IATF) globally under the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA).

We work with African Union (AU) and member states in mobilizing the African Diaspora and Foreign Investors in engaging with the world's largest newly created trade bloc under the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA)


Due to Covi-19 and its impact on global travel, this platform is a digital representation of our various in person engagements. We know you would also like to travel but consider this a powerful resources that allows you to engage realtime 24/7. 


  • Subscribed Members have access to attend monthly exclusive events where we bring government, trade experts and business leaders to engage with community members.
  • Members have access to weekly community Zoom chats where they meet and network with other members.
  • Members create a searchable business/professional profile so that other members can find you, connect directly with you and send you a direct message and you can also do the same...
  • Your subscription membership affords you access to the Trade and Investment Masterclasses, Export Development, Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) training, information sessions, exclusive trade events hosted on this platform and more.... Watch a short clip below:


  • Access 48 Trade with Africa Business Summit VIDEOS
  • This platform houses Market Insights and content on various topics including Agriculture Value Chain, Retail, Technology, Export, Import, Trade Financing, Manufacturing and more.
  • Tap into the power of our Trade with Africa® Framework to drive trade and investments in Africa. 
  • We also have Business Coaching Group and Sessions you can join as a member to help you improve your bottom line and expand to Africa 
  • Get your Trade Questions Answered: Members of this Trade Community gain immediate access to experts and trade facilitators and can now access exclusive market insights and information to help them be successful.


What People are Saying...


"This was a fantastic event and a great platform for learning more about Africa and business opportunities in Africa. There was a good mix of business executives and governments officials both from Africa and from the US to give a balanced perspective on real business opportunities and potential for the future." Director, Illinois International Trade Center


"As I was preparing to launch my new company, I spent the summer engulfed in studying international trade. I enrolled and completed a Global Business Course at Harvard Business School Online. I participated in numerous government sponsored webinars on global trade. And I can say without hesitation I learned more in two days watching the Trade with Africa Business Summit than I have in the past two years on the subject of Global Trade. Toyin Umesiri is more than a CEO, she is leading a movement for economic development that will yield a positive return for the entire continent of Africa" Franklin A. Fudail, President of Amastar Corporation. Muskegon, Michigan


"Being a part of the Trade with Africa Business Summit 2020 has opened doors for Sprout Africa. We have connected with so many people who have empowered us tremendously. Our business has grown and expanded through collaborations with individuals and organizations that we met through the Summit and Toyin UmesiriThe information and mentorship we have received has also empowered us to expand in our home country South Africa, where we have secured partnerships and created farmer networks in various communities. This year we celebrate our first year in business, a milestone which many small businesses in our country do not reach, and we would like to thank the Nazaru - Trade with Africa® team for believing in our vision and giving us the opportunity to be a part of the summit this year. We are truly grateful for what the community has done for us. " Masabata Sebusi, Co-founder Sprout Africa - South Africa

"The consulting services that Nazaru provides is the best investment I have made thus far to launch and grow my global business."

"Your #AfCFTA Roundtable (virtual) event was awesome! You are doing amazing work. The U.S. Department of Commerce, EXIM and other agencies within the U.S. have well produced events, but I am telling you and I mean this 100%. You are on par and in many cases exceeding what the U.S. government is doing and our government does a good job promoting trade, but the substance of your content is next level. Awesome job"


Business only happens at the 'speed of relationship'. This platform allows you to expand your reach, network with global stakeholders as well as access exclusive training, workshops, content, events, masterclasses and more! Join now and start winning in your international trade business.

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