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Trade with Africa® Network

This community brings you closer to achieving your Regional (AfCFTA) & Global Trade with Africa® goals.

"Data shows that Africa will impact businesses around the world in this century and the next. It is therefore important to educate and empower ourselves as well as build sustainable business & political alliances in order to capture emerging trade and investment opportunities. I invite you to join myself and others from around the world on this unique platform that advances Trade with Africa®." 

Toyin Umesiri, CEO Nazaru LLC, Founder Trade with Africa Business Summit, Creative Director Omooba® Beauty and Ambassador Intra-African Trade Fair(IATF)

Business happens at the 'speed of relationship'. This platform allows you to expand your reach, network with global stakeholders as well as access exclusive training, workshops, content, events, masterclasses and more...


  • Build searchable business/professional profile: if you are an exporter, buyer, trade expert, service provider, policy maker or manufacturer your visibility is increased when you join this platform and you create your searchable profile. Others can now find you and access your products and or services.
  • Access Market Insights as well as exclusive content. 
  • Attend information sessions and events: E.g. Trade & Investment Facilitation Masterclass and Workshops
  • Access exclusive Trade Resources & Courses to help you grow your international business.
  • Access exclusive Business Group Coaching sessions (Membership+)
  • Get your Trade Questions Answered: Members of this Trade Community gain immediate access to experts and trade facilitators and can now access exclusive market insights and information to help them be successful.
  • Access past and present Trade with Africa Business Summit content
  • Tap into the power of our Trade with Africa® Framework to drive trade and investments in Africa.


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